About the Hall

Cheriton Village Hall was built in 1911 and is a registered charity. The Hall is available to rent by the local community and outside organisations, and has chairs and tables for hire to local residents.

IN 2016 THE VILLAGE HALL CONVERTED TO A CHARITABLE INCORPORATED ORGANISATION (CIO) No 1169372 in anticipation of purchasing the Hall from Winchester Diocesan Board of Finance for the independently agreed value of £80,000. Contracts were exchanged with the Diocese in May 2017 and 10% deposited. Completion was agreed for the end of 2018 to allow time for the balance of funds to be raised. Completion took place early in June 2018, and the proceeds were paid over to St Michael's Church Cheriton.

The trustees are the current members of the village hall committee.

The members of the Village Hall Committee are:

William Beardmore-Gray - Chairman

Steve Peters - Treasurer

Viv Pain - Secretary

Rosie Reay - Bookings Secretary

Geoff Ellis

Tia May

Ed Ridley

Dave Wright

Rupert Boissier - also Fundraising Chairman

Ross Curwen-Bryant - Fundraising Secretary

Nigel Webb - Fundraising Treasurer

David Cradduck and Paul Hellard stood down from the Committee in 2017, and Simon and Penny Scott in 2019. We are very grateful to them all for their dedicated service to the Hall over very many years. 

For the institutional trustees, the Parish Council is represented by Andy Collett, the Cheriton Players by Rosie Reay, and the PCC by Steve Peters.

Local users of the Village Hall include:

Cheriton Parish Council

Cheriton Players

Cheriton Parochial Church Council

Yoga and Keep Fit

Dance Classes


Cheriton Singers

Village Show Committee

Charitable Organisations such as the Children's Society

PURCHASE OF THE HALL from Winchester Diocese

In May 2017 exchange of Contracts took place between the The Cheriton Village Hall CIO and the Diocese of Winchester for the purchase of the Hall, with completion delayed till the end of 2018 to allow for the purchase monies to be raised.

The purchase followed procedures laid down by the Charities Acts after many years of discussion between the Hall Trustees, St Michael's Church Trustees and the Diocese. All were agreeable to the sale. An open meeting took place in the village hall on 21 March 2016 at which the community expressed its approval to the purchase. The Church Trustees were legally represented by Blake Morgan and the Hall Trustees by Paris Smith. The purchase regularises the legal status of the building, and allows the Village Hall Trustees to run the Hall independently of the Church, unconstrained by ecclesiastical trusts, and to raise monies for its own account towards the improvement of the hall.

The purchase monies were allocated under a new Trust Deed for the benefit of St Michael's Church Cheriton rather than to the Diocese in general.