Cheriton Village Hall Fundraising event on 24th June 2017

THE EVEN GREATER CHERITON VARIETY SHOW 22 to 25 March raised more than £2,000 for the Cheriton Village Hall Fundraising Campaign!

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A fund raiser for the Cheriton Village Hall, and back by popular demand, The Cheriton Players and the Cheriton Village Hall committee presented the Even Greater Cheriton Variety Show to packed houses over four nights in March 2017.

Even as Kevin Gover was writing the words “…ever so slightly bonkers…” about the first Great Cheriton Variety Show, the wheels were already in motion to provide something that ripped bonkers away from its creature comforts to give it a taste of its own medicine. So a table format, with licensed bar and a light supper helped prepare our audiences for an evening of Cheriton style entertainment. 

There were songs, laughter, sketches and audience participation galore. Included in our line-up was a ‘cinematic’ melodrama, acted out in true silent movie style, then reversed and even speeded up. The Echo reviewer said there were some ‘stand out moments’ and included in these the title duet by young Sophie Jarrett and Toby Cooper from Phantom of The Opera, stage so successfully at Perins School in the summer of 2016, and Ali Carter singing ‘Summertime’ from Porgy & Bess.

For a full list of acts and cast/crew, have a look at our online version of the programme.

For reviews, see online at The Daily Echo and Winchester Today.

ON 3 MARCH 2017
and an article from WINCHESTER TODAY by Kevin Gover, News Editor

By Kevin Gover, News Editor
7 March 2017

In my many years of working here, I have come to find that every village in Hampshire seems to have that community spirit that has somehow been lost elsewhere. Cheriton is no exception, the village hall is the heart of that community.

And so it was that Winchester Today paid yet another visit to this extraordinary place to find out more about a fundraising scheme on a grand scale to purchase the freehold from the Church. The freehold would then be held in trust for the benefit of residents.

Once this has been done, it will be much easier to attract grants – and let’s face it, the hall is in need of repair. Founded in 1911, it’s clear that many aspects of the hall are now way beyond their sell-by date.

Outside, the elements looked like they were celebrating too and were determined to liven up proceedings – with thunder and lightning illuminating the skies around Cheriton, with torrential rain and even a short power cut!

village hall
(Absolutely packed!)

The meeting started at 7, with the room already packed to the rafters as we came in, and more following us behind. Maybe everyone had received word about the delicious food available? With salmon being passed round, it was like being at somebody important’s 21st. “More wine sir?”

village hall

In an exclusive interview for Winchester Today, the Chairman of the Cheriton Village Hall Committee, William Beardmore-Gray, explained to me why he called the event a celebration when he addressed the crowd: “A lot of people have spent a lot of time getting us to where we are now. It’s probably taken four or five years of negotiation getting us to where we are now.

“It’s a celebration because we’re about to exchange contracts on buying the village hall – which secures its future in the heart of the village.

“There’s not a day goes by where the hall isn’t being used in the day or evening – it’s very well supported.”

I ask William what he reckons about the turnout: “You never know how many people will come to events like this, but we’re a very close community – there must be almost 100 people in there. They’re very interested and excited about such an important building in their community”

Cheriton Village Hall

Here’s a list of what needs to be done: improve the layout, improve the access both inside and outside, better toilet facilities, better natural lighting, better storage facilities, upgrade electric lighting, improve the stage area, provide a new kitchen, provision of an in-house PA system and roll-down screen, improve safety and security, improve insulation, provide a new environmentally-friendly heating system, install solar panels, air conditioning, improve drainage, install broadband – and anything else they can think of!

village hall

At the Heart of Our Village

Cheriton Village Hall in Hampshire is a Charity supporting the Community in Cheriton and the surrounding areas

Café on the Green

at the Village Hall

 every Thursday morning 9am-12 Noon

A volunteer joint venture between the Church the Village Hall and the Village Shop 


Drawing by Paul Masser